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Week One Celebration!

Can you believe Maelee is already one week old?

What a week it's been. She has been crusing right along and being a blessing to A LOT of people!

Mom and Dad are still trying to wrap their brains around this one. She instantly melted our hearts. The biggest struggle post hospital stay for Jess and I has been trying to find a routine. There has been plenty of frustration in balancing the do-ers in us and the need to rest. We've both hit our limits multiple times! Early on in the week we recognized this was going to be a long, drawn out process. We are very patient individuals but with the onslaught of paperwork and new details to figure out we met our match. The planners in us are getting a run for our money.

This post is more about us but we are truely thankful and praising God every day for Maelee. She is crazy cute! She's so unique and that's what we love so much about her.

This blog is just one of many ways we are journaling and documenting this process so she can go back one day and understand how much she was loved not only by us, but all those around her! Thank you for caring for her and us so much already.

This week pray for her growth and development. She has many pieces that still need to develop perfectly as they would have in Mom's tummy. Her ability to process and use the milk she is already getting is the key to all that. More or less pray that she eats and poops A LOT this coming week!

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