Transmissions From Maelee's Space Capsule

The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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Shades Off, Shade On

Maelee is currently resting most days in complete darkness with a blanket covering her space ship. She is on the CPAP but with regular air and no rate; it's just a constant pressure to help remind her to breath. She has fantastic nurses and doctors who love taking care of her. Her brain and heart both cleared the first tests associated with development at her micro preemie age.

This weekend we had a few cloudy days trying to get her initial feedings to process completely through her. She had to stop feeding and do a few precautionary things in case she developed an infection. CPAP rate returned, a few precautionary antibiotic doses, and a monitor of her stomach fluids were all pieces used to help her. With a couple of days to rest and relax she started pooping which helped clear all that other stuff up! Thanks so much for your prayers this weekend! We believe God has his hand in her progress each and every day. We believe He also knows what kind of Army that she has backing her down here.

Maelee is currently in complete darkness to emulate the womb because she cleared the sunbathing tests! Her skin tone is looking really great after getting rid of her normal jaundice. She might need a bit more sun in the coming days but that's all expected. We're just glad she likes the sun instead of the cold! She's already fitting in. :)

We know these posts are reaching a lot of people. We appreciate the Army that has come behind us to help us in so many different ways. These posts cannot update you with her daily progress and all details of any setbacks. It would just be too much work to sustain that. Rather we'll give you a glimpses into what her world is looking like. The doctor told us there will be sunny days, cloudy days and rainy days. We'll do our best to explain where we are.

This week, we have two specific things you can pray for.

Pray that the milk Maelee eats this week will be the exact amount and quality of nutrients that she needs to make amazing progress in her development. She is feeding again 2 ml every 6 hours. Pray that milk contains the nutrients to prevent any further sickness.

Pray for her Mom and Dad that their rest will renew them each and every day. Pray for our mental ability to rely on God's timing and patience to be able to remain in this environment for the weeks to come.

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