Transmissions From Maelee's Space Capsule

The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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Thought it might be nice to put together an article to answer some of the simple commonly asked questions about Maelee and her story thus far. These are in random order.

Can we do anything for you guys?

Right now, Jess and I are doing pretty well. There have been emotional highs and lows already, but the best thing you can do is pray for Maelee and us. We have great friends and family who are taking care of odds and ends. Text us if you have other ideas on how you can help!

What were Maelee's birth stats?

Maelee Jaye Stephens

Born June 23, 2017

840grams - 1lb 14oz

25cm long - 13.5 inches long

St. Francis Hospital

Born at 28 weeks, 5 days.

How is Maelee doing today?

Haha. She's just sleeping in her space ship! Our posts will provide the most insight into her current condition and where we've been. This is a hard question to answer every day because things are so slow. We're expecting to be here until September so daily progress is hard to explain.

Have you guys been able to hold her?

YES! The hospital values what they call Kangaroo Care or skin to skin contact between Mother/Daughter and a little Father/Daughter. Jessica has been able to hold her several times for well over an hour. Maelee doesn't cooperate every day but mostly she LOVES it! We've learned that Maelee is a mouth breather so when really comfortable she ignores the CPAP which doesn't make the nurses happy!

How do you say her name and where did it come from?

May Lee - no space. Slur it together. Maelee was just a favorite of Jessica's that she thought was unique enough. We saw Maelee several times before we finally landed on her name. Her nicknames already include Baby Girl and Sprout

J = Jaye. This is her cousin, Ava's, middle name, too.

Also of note: her initials are MJS which are the initials Maelee's mom and dad have used when talking about our family. Matthew Jessica Stephens now Maelee Jaye Stephens.

Can we see photos?

Photos are now on her website. Click on and choose photos. I think this is a direct link. If you click on the photos it's a larger version with funny captions.

Does Maelee have any major problems or concerns?

At this moment, July 6th, Maelee is truly a miracle and blessing from the God of creation! She came out all but perfect physically only lacking FAT of any kind! We have months to go in development of several key areas under the surface! All these are normal areas that a micro preemie would still need to work on: brain, heart and digestive tract. Keep praying for God's hand to mold and make her perfect.

Can we provide a meal or help in a similar way?

We do have a meal train going at We have lots of people contributing so don't feel obligated. If you just really want to, text or email us and we'll forward your name to the list.

Are you guys registered anywhere? Or do you have a shower date?

Maelee's unexpected early arrival messed up all plans we had. One of our first concerns, although goofy looking back, was that we literally had nothing to take care of her. We have two sets of clothes and that's it. Since then we've had tons of friends and family step up and help us out. Our nursery went from empty to full in a weekend thanks to our LifeGroup! We are currently registered at Target, Buy Buy Baby and a few things on Amazon. This process has definitely made us feel blessed, even without the 'stuff.'

If you have more questions for us, we'd be happy to respond to this post. Post them in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe so you get the most current updates.

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