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Pass the Gas - Pray for Poop

The title is goofy but we are very serious about the request. Maelee has been really working hard this week to figure out her digestive system.

We asked you to pray that she would poop this week and start having regular BMs. She has not been pooping much if at all during her checks this week. Her CPAP has been causing quite a bit of extra air to enter her digestive tract but she really needs the CPAP in order to help her continue to develop and lessen the load on her body.

Today we decided to take the next step to help her belly. She's now getting a little extra help breathing straight to her lungs instead of in her nose. This greatly reduces the air that will enter her digestive tract. This is a little deeper of an approach than we took last weekend to do much the same. There does not appear to be any physical issues or blockages in her intestines, she's just so preemie it's hard for her body to know how to keep moving all her pieces at once. This should be the plan for the next 48 hours to see if she can recover a bit.

The prayer request very much stays the same. Please pray that her body is able to rest, get rid of all the extra air and start using the bathroom as a result.

We're still Praising Jesus as these are minor setbacks. Call it cloudy days versus sunny days; she's strong and God's hand is on her belly.

Keep praying for us as we're a little mentally fatigued from all her ups and downs. The monitoring equipment is amazing technology but it has become very hard to hear. We've started taking steps to do a few 'normal' people things and schedule times to just talk to friends and family.

We continue to hear stories from all kinds of people around us of their time or experience with the NICU. These stories amaze us every time. The up and downs are a little easier knowing others had the same experiences with amazing triumph!

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