Transmissions From Maelee's Space Capsule

The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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Celebrating One Month

Maelee's One Month Old! Can you believe four weeks ago our little miracle was born? She still needs your prayers every day.

Two fun pics to start:

In the NICU, they hang up signs on the door to the room tell staff the name of the baby in the room and they also hang signs to celebrate their age. Today she got her one month sign!

Below is a picture on the Friday night she was born (Left)

And then today, one month old (Right)

She has been eating a lot more and increasing every day plus she's been using the bathroom on her own semi-regularly. In fact, Maelee has now gained over a pound and is up to 3lb 4oz.

This doesn't mean she's good to go long term. She still has to fight every day to grow big and strong. Today she's actually a little sick and we're stopping her feeds temporarily to figure out what's causing it. The doctors and nurses here are amazing and really know what to look for. This is our third time to stop her feeds but they do it with a purpose to protect her.

So this week, please continue to pray for her belly and the development. Pray that her tummy was just a bit upset and we can move forward again as soon as possible. We are certain your prayers are working and protecting her every day. Praise for one month!!

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