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Balloon Prayers Needed

Maelee's been sick now all weekend and although we didn't get to the most critical stage, she's still feeling pretty bad.

Seasons, Painting in the Lobby of the NICU

This is going to be a short post but we'd like for everyone to pray specifically overnight that God puts his hand on her belly and moves it around enough that it starts healing. Her belly is swollen and sometimes looks like a balloon, but we're praying that God figuratively let's the air out overnight.

Why overnight? The doctors have decided that Maelee has not shown enough progress during this sickness and that something might be preventing her from getting better. Various tests have shown that things are not improving enough. They are certainly not getting a lot worse but maybe slowly worse rather than slowly better. If things do not improve we will probably do surgery tomorrow to go in and find the issue. We believe in a God with unlimited power and we would like for you, Maelee's Army, to pray with us.

We were told that this NICU journey would have ups and downs, sunny days and rainy days. This weekend it rained quite a bit and it's still very cloudy. Mom and Dad are doing ok but it sure is taxing and tiring. We're here for Maelee though and all we can really do is talk to her and pray for her. We are looking forward to telling her story of God's work in her life!

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