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The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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Belly Surgery Results

Thank you for your continued prayers for Maelee and us as we continue this journey!

Recap on where we've been: Last Friday, Maelee clearly developed a problem in her belly. We started the NEC protocol and continued that all weekend. This week, the doctors observed a pattern in the x-rays showing clearly there was no improvement. Our doctors decided they would like the surgeon to go in and take a look because none of the tests could see a major problem but clearly something was wrong. Tuesday at 11:00am we did that surgery.

The good news that came from the surgery was that they found the problem and were able to resolve it. Maelee had an intestinal loop that was causing a blockage. The doctors, surgeon and nurses were very pleased with the outcome. Maelee now has an ostomy. I'll leave the rest of the details out for now, maybe give you more on what that word means for Maelee on a later post. Google it at your own risk. We are now certain she did not have NEC; this blockage was the original problem and was likely there since birth.

Maelee is recovering well. We should return to feeding very slowly in the near future. She is looking a whole lot better than she did this past weekend, praise Jesus for that.

We continue to be very impressed and pleased with the doctors, surgeons and nurses here at Saint Francis. We are grateful to have them taking care of Maelee and helping us through this journey.

Please keep praying for Maelee's recovery and process. We'll give you more specific prayer requests on a later post as she progresses a bit more.

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