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Six Weeks

It's been a while since we've posted an update; don't worry, you didn't miss anything. Maelee has just been resting and recovering from her surgery. Jokingly, we haven't seen a lot of her this week because she has been resting so much (see pic). There is really no major news from our standpoint other than that. Praise Jesus for the lack of news.

Two Facts:

- Today Maelee is six weeks old

- Maelee's due date is still six weeks away

Maelee is still a preemie. She's a lot bigger than she was six weeks ago, but still trying to learn how to run her body and organs that she wouldn't be using for six more weeks had she stayed in Mom's belly. She is doing a great job figuring it out. Looking back, we can see that she has made a ton of progress.

Mom and Dad are both slowly returning to work or doing things we can while still keeping up with Maelee. We are both very thankful for our job flexibility and our employers working with us to prioritize our family situation. We've kinda figured out our groove and how our schedule can work so that we don't develop 'ICU psychosis' or 'alarm fatigue' too many times. That last sentence is as much of a joke as it is not a joke. Basically, we've learned how to take care of ourselves and get rest while still caring for and about Maelee 24/7. Thanks to all those who have checked in, brought us meals, or done other random stuff for us. We really, really appreciate it!

This week we would ask that you pray for her progress to return to feeding. If we get to return to feeding in the coming week, pray that her body processes everything as it should.

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