Transmissions From Maelee's Space Capsule

The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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That word has multiple meanings. They are those pesky things that require silly methods to get rid of them, such as "scaring" them away or holding your breath for 10 seconds. Hiccups are also slight bumps in an otherwise straight path to a destination (Jessica's dictionary, not Webster's).

Maelee has had both kinds this week. Don't worry, we didn't make her hold her breath or try to scare away the pesky ones. The bumps have come in the form of her intestines not moving the way they should post surgery. She has an ostomy, but she isn't having the output from it that she should. The doctors have tried a few options to determine what is happening. This afternoon we did a test to watch the flow through her intestines. The only result we have is that the ostomy is narrowed and preventing stuff from coming out, so her intestines have quit trying since there's nowhere for it to go. The surgeon has already been working to remedy this (not via surgery), and late this afternoon we saw progress that was encouraging, so we are hopeful things will be moving in the right direction soon (pun intended).

We ask that you keep praying for Maelee every time you think about her. God has his hands on her and He knows exactly what her path to go home in the coming months looks like. We've learned that our timeline for her progress is not what's actually going to happen. Maelee's progress is perfect through the work of God's hands on her little body.

Mom and Dad have both had crazy weeks outside the hospital. The tornado was just under one mile from our house. Matthew was awake and heard the tornado's sound. It knocked out power to the Tulsa Midtown and Broken Arrow Life.Church buildings so he actually never went to sleep and instead went to help smooth testing at those locations once power came back on. Midweek we learned that Matthew's work truck was stollen this past week. It was recovered but he's been working on all the details that go along with that. All these things have added up to both a mentally and physically exhausting week.

In the meantime, we leave you with this adorable photo that I have captioned, "Oh dear, dad is taking my picture again."

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