Transmissions From Maelee's Space Capsule

The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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Change Is Quick

We had a blog post written and were about to publish it Monday, but the up and down rollercoaster of the NICU is real.

Maelee had an amazing week and hit several key milestones before developing a problem. She got sick yesterday with a bacterial infection and rash. Once again this hospital and unit is amazing and it was caught quickly and action was taken before we even knew what she had going on. Maelee's being treated and is responding well. The next several days will tell us the severity and further care needed for the rest of the week.

Please pray that her body responds and beats this infection quickly.

The rest of the article was written before this latest sick spell. We don't want to erase it or keep it to ourselves because it is a celebration. Two steps forward, one step back!


(written Sunday PM - August 20th)

Those previous hiccups have passed and we are flying down the highway. This post is nothing but amazing news about how Maelee hit her stride and started working toward ditching her space capsule.

Ok, maybe that imagery is a bit of a stretch but the past week or week and a half has been the amazing work of an awe inspiring Creator.

Here are the facts.

This week:

- Maelee worked hard and went completely off breathing support.

- Maelee started eating again via feeding tube, then directly from Mom!

- Maelee started pooping A LOT! Maybe too much.

Wait. Read those facts again!

In the last update we wrote a paragraph basically giving up our control and giving it to God. The week before was exhausting and probably the peak of our concerns for her. Instead of giving up, we gave it up!

"We ask that you keep praying for Maelee every time you think about her. God has his hands on her and He knows exactly what her path to go home in the coming months looks like. We've learned that our timeline for her progress is not what's actually going to happen. Maelee's progress is perfect through the work of God's hands on her little body."

Our God has given us a true miracle and a gift from above.

We are already working hard on all that's involved with breastfeeding. It's crazy to consider that we are just under one month until her due date and she's already feeding. She is working on last efforts to maintain her own body heat; nothing abnormal for a preemie.

Pray this week that she continues to advance and become independent at least from the hospital equipment. We aren't asking that she grows up quickly! She needs to eat a lot and use it (not poop it all out) to gain some more weight to keep her heat in! God's creation of the human body and how it all works together is amazing! Cloudy days might still be possible but we're praising God for her incredible progress this past week!

We always end the article thanking you ALL for continuing to pray every time you think about her. Somehow we'll need to document everyone praying so she knows how special she is one day! Also shout out to those who hosted the shower and all the friends who were able to attend. We appreciate you all!

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