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Takin It Easy

It appears when we don't update the blog, you guys still care and reach out asking for an update. We are very thankful for so many friends! We cannot wait for you to meet Maelee!

Quick update: This week has been one of just taking it easy. She quietly passed the two month mark and just kept going. The bacteria and rash were conquered within a few days. We must remain on the antibiotic as usual for a full treatment. Therefore, she's been eating, sleeping and pooping. Thank goodness for pooping but we're still monitoring it for being too much. All kinds of questions from you all about when they are going to put her back together and also when we are going home.

We do not have a timeline on putting her back together. Lots of factors but mostly she must gain wait and be eating well.

Going home is a ways away; there are still several major milestones to get to go home. Gaining weight is the biggest goal at this moment.

Looking back the most fun part of the week has been that Maelee has learned to cry like a baby. Yeah!! We've been working with her as any normal parents to figure out if she wants to be held, has a wet diaper, or just plain is acting like a baby. We are thankful to be able to learn and take care of her.

Keep praying for her belly and the adaptation of her small little intestines to absorb all the nutrients she needs.

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