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Today is my Due Date

Today is Maelee's due date. Can you believe that instead she is eighty days old? That's 8-0.! What a journey we've been on the past eighty days.

Maelee is still as healthy as she can be in her current situation; our main goal is gaining weight. The more weight she gains the quicker she can be put back together which will solve most if not all of the current battles. We appreciate the doctors constantly studying her data to play the game of helping her gain weight; otherwise she is doing very well.

We're going to be in the hospital through her recovery after being put back together. That timeline is day to day, not determined or planned. Please continue to pray for Maelee and her health. She needs to remain free from other sicknesses so she can continue to gain weight. Her little tummy just can't keep up in its current state.

Also pray for Jess and I as we often battle mental fatigue. It's difficult and draining being tied to the hospital. Our perspective does not discount the fact that there are other families at the hospital in much harder situations. We are very thankful to live only one mile from the hospital. We are thankful to have great friends and family willing to take burdens away from us without even asking. We are thankful for two jobs that allow remote work so we can spend our working hours in Maelee's room. The hospital itself is not in any way bad; it's a remarkable place that definitely tries to be comfortable. When we moved into our house three years ago, we never could have imagined that the hospital we had driven by so often would become our home away from home for 80+ days.

Just a reminder for those of you who like photos. We update the photos section of this blog every time we post.

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