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Gram Gains

Tomorrow Maelee will be three months old. She's doing pretty well; we've encountered a couple more hiccups since our last post, but we are now back to the main goal of her gaining weight so she can be "put back together." We referenced that in our last post, so I'll elaborate since we had a few questions as to what that means. Ever since Maelee's abdominal surgery at week 4, she's had an ostomy, which means her intestine hasn't been connected. Before they send her home, they will reconnect her intestine and make sure everything starts functioning properly. And before they reconnect her, she has to gain more weight. So, that's where we are. Praying every day that she gained weight the previous day (or at least didn't lose any).

So, we have a plan, but it's up to her on how long it takes to execute that plan. The comforting thing is God knows, and his timing is always perfect.

In the meantime, we are putting the finishing touches on her room, which our awesome LifeGroup put together for us. We are so grateful they took that off our plate, allowing us to completely focus on Maelee when we needed to most. Now we just look forward to having her home so she can use it!

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