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The miracle story of one girl's journey!

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My First 3K

Today we celebrate that Maelee has made it to a weight of 3000 grams (3kg) or 6lbs 9oz. This weight is important because it was the goal weight to be able to reconnect her intestines or what we've been saying 'put her back together.' Therefore, she has surgery scheduled for early Monday.

We praise Jesus that she has remained healthy and able to fend off a few viruses and other medical hiccups (she still gets those other pesky hiccups every day).

Maelee is making all kinds of noises and her greeting is normally a growl followed by a semi-controlled smile.

Now more than ever we'd ask that Maelee's army pray for several things. Please pray for the surgery and surgeon that everything is flawless. Then we're going to be praying every day for her intestines again and the processing and healing.

We can't thank you enough or tell you how much we appreciate the prayer! We try and thank you when you text and tell us you're thinking of her and praying for her but it really means a lot more than we can say.

Praise Jesus for 3K.

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