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It's been a while since we posted, and quite a bit has happened in the last couple weeks so we wanted to give a brief synopsis of some milestones Maelee's achieved since her surgery.

~ POOP! This was a major one and came much quicker, less than a week post-surgery, than they expected. Praise Jesus!

~ They started her on feeds a week after surgery; they decided to go ahead and let her try a bottle, just 5 mL to start

~ As the week progressed, she tolerated those well and continued to poop, so her feeds increased a little each day.

~ She got a couple staples out after a few days, then the rest came out at the 1.5 week mark.

~ Her incision is pretty much healed and looks great!

~ Saturday was a big day; her nurses decided she needed a change of scenery since she'd been here so long, so they took her on a wagon ride; she was alert and "talking" the whole time. (see photos section)

~ She also got to change to a real crib for her bed; she has some room now to stretch out!

~ She is now up to 62mL every three hours for her feeds, but she hasn't been able to finish that much by bottle yet. She is still getting used to waking up every three hours and isn't used to eating that much. She also takes after her mom in how long it takes to wake up!

~ She now weights over 8 pounds! She's a lean 8 pounds but still growing!

So, our prayer now is that she continues to be able to eat more and more at one time and she is able to stay awake and alert each time she needs to eat.

This is the last step and is at times frustrating because it's the last thing she needs to do before going home. Her doctor has reminded us that she was really sick and has never had to eat consistently before, so it will just take some time and she's okay with that.

Thank you all for continuing to check in with us and for your prayers. We are so appreciative and are looking forward to the day she comes home.

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