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Opening Day - Nine Month Update

We thought it would be nice to put together an update for those of you who are subscribed. Maelee is now nine months old and is in perfect health. We made it through Winter with no sickness and she's continuing to make gains up the charts.

She is just shy of 14 lbs now and is almost 26 inches long. She is a bundle of joy most of the time; a true picture of a happy baby. We are blessed and still know God has big plans for her. That has to be the reason He gave her the strength to get through the NICU time and now continues to grow and be strong.

This Winter we kept her isolated from much activity and now that spring is here we are excited to get her involved in more things. Jess actually left her job to stay at home full time and will therefore enjoy taking Maelee out to hang with friends.

We started watching baseball together in the first few weeks of her life, so Dad and Maelee started a new tradition! Opening Day - Baseball All Day!!

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